Trinh Mai is an interdisciplinary, California-based artist whose work is driven by innovative narratives of storytelling. She is a second-generation Vietnamese American, who was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently extending her roots to Orange County. Mai’s work retells history from the memories that she has inherited, touching on themes of war, migration, and healing. Since graduating from San Jose State University with her BFA and furthering her studies at UCLA, Mai continues to actively exhibit, having works in public and private collections internationally.

Her passion for intermixing arts and collaboration has inspired her community involvement. She has served as Artist-in-Residence for Community Engagement in partnership with Grand Central Art Center to serve low-income communities in through art, has been invited to Stanford University and various academic and arts institutions to speak about her work, and as had her artwork, poetry, and reflections on her work published in numerous publications including the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement (Purdue University).

Recognizing the role of art to educate and heal, Trinh has exhibited in support of the Friends of Hue Foundation Children's Shelter in Vietnam, the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia, and at Oracle Arena to aid the Warriors Community Foundation in its mission to support education in the Bay Area. She has also partnered with Oceanside Museum of Art and MiraCosta College in developing socially engaging art projects for survivors of war.

For more of Trinh’s work, visit her website and social media: